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Author of

Crime Fiction & Psychological Thrillers

set in Texas

Photograph by Allen Lash Photography

"Deborah Dobbs' writing style reminds me of one of my favorite authors, John Sandford." 

-- Troy Miller

About Current Projects

This fast-paced psychological thriller has been hailed by readers as "unputdownable." Set in the fictional town of Alwin, Texas and inspired by real events, The Psychotic Son takes a deep dive into the minds of a teen psychopath and the victim advocate who's determined to bring him to justice. 

Dobbs' extensive knowledge about  both psychopaths and their victims creates a frighteningly realistic thriller. 

Dobbs' debut novel is available on Amazon.

"Everything that a psychological thriller should be, including an ending that completely satisfied!"

"An AMAZING first novel!"

"Deborah Dobbs' debut novel is as good as it gets."

"Brilliantly Captivating"


When the residents of Winston, Texas are safely tucked in their beds, someone vile slithers through their streets. She stalks her neighbors, harasses their pets, and relishes the weaknesses of the city’s most vulnerable. But Nala Green's true obsession is killing a cop named Garrett Corcoran and anyone who gets in her way, and the justice system is on her side.

An unlikely alliance forms between Officer Corcoran and Victim Advocate Colleen Heenan. As their friendship strengthens, so does Nala’s wrath and resolve. Protecting what she holds dear will push Colleen into a darkness from which she may never return.


With VILE, Deborah Dobbs takes readers on another intense dive into darkness. 

"Dobbs made me feel like I was living this nightmare right alongside the characters."


"Captivating read..."

"Dobbs did it again!"

Coming December 2024

Copy of untitled novel.png

Colleen Heenan and Garrett Corcoran return in another intense thriller inspired by real events and people. When Colleen is called out to help a domestic violence victim Narcotics Detective Garrett Corcoran arrives and muddies the waters. The abuser is a meth-dealing bombmaker known as "Redbeard." Colleen wants to lead the victim to safety, but Corcoran wants her as a confidential informant.

Corcoran's doggedness results in an unlikely alliance between him and his former nemesis Veronica Gold. (You might remember her from VILE.) Veronica's son Harley is a low level dealer who's in denial of Redbeard's deadly reputation, which includes hauling suspected informants to an East Texas barn and feeding them to a swamp puppy named Clyde. Because Redbeard is paranoid, Clyde's not going hungry, and Veronica wants her son off the menu.


The third novel (still untitled) will take readers on an unsettling ride through the backwoods of East Texas, Caddo Lake, and the streets of Winston. 

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